The Jewish Holiday White Shirt

If you have been on Israel during the Jewish holidays you probably noticed that there is a custom of wearing white on holidays and memorial days in Israel. Around this time of year, at the beginning of September, Israeli clothing stores bring out their holiday collections of white and white and floral clothes. I think this custom goes back to the early days of the country when school children where required to wear button down white shirts to school on the eve of the holidays and on memorial days. If to look further back this could probably be traced back to the custom of wearing a white garment to synagogue on the high Jewish holidays. In any case white clothes in Israel are associated with purity and festivity.

It is always interesting to see how every Israeli clothing brand and clothing designer manage to incorperate clothes that match this custom into their style and brand.
Especially interesting is how the button down white shirt can be styled to fit the style of very different brands.

Here are some examples of the white shirt in different styles from classic to trendy.    

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