Tel Aviv Open House Weekend

Tel Aviv Bauhous building

Tel Aviv Bauhous building

Batim Mibifnim (Houses from Within) are a great opportunity to see some of the most interesting buildings and houses in Tel Aviv. And there is certainly no shortage of interesting places to see in Tel Aviv.
The next Tel Aviv open house weekend is coming up and is planned for MAY 7-8, 2010.

During these events some of Tel Aviv’s most interesting and designed homes, buildings and offices are open to the public. Buildings with special architecture, designed and stylized spaces, interesting urban culture places that are usually closed to the public are open and historical buildings and museums can be visited for free.

Some of the places are open for visiting on your own while others are by pre-registered tours only. There are also building and city tours by some well know and knowledgeable architects, designers and historians.   

I have been to two of these events in Tel Aviv that were great fun and very inspiring. This is when I was inspired to write the post about Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv.

The open house event lasts for two days and even if you attend both days you cannot possibly see all there is to see. It is a good idea to plan your time and route according to the list on the site. Be prepared to stand in line, although organization is good and the lines usually progress quickly. And wear your walking shoes, because Tel Aviv is a walking city.

The website, especially the English one, is still being built and information is being added all the time.
Tel Aviv Open House Weekendtours page

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