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Google’s Tel Aviv offices are Amazing!

Google’s Tel Aviv offices are absalutly AMAZING. They have a music room, a gym looking out on a great view of Tel Aviv, a Lego room, a slide between floors and rooftop deck overlooking Tel Aviv beach and the sea.

Regarding how high-tech companies in Israel want their employees to be fully immersed in work not having to deal with anything else, this would be a great place to be. Who would even want to go home?

A little piece of New Orleans in Tel Aviv

My heart goes out to the people of Louisiana and Mississippi for having to deal, yet again, with the mess left behind by weather, this time with Hurricane Isaac.  This is especially so as New Orleans was my families home in the US for some generations.

You can have a little piece of New Orleans in Tel Aviv at NOLA American bakery (NOLA=New Orleans Louisiana). It’s on Dizengoff 197, Tel Aviv.
The place is lovely and the blueberry muffin in wonderful.


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Where can I get a formal dress for an event?

This is a question that I get all of the time so I decided to answer in here for all to see.

The best place to go for the biggest selection of formal or event dresses in Israel is Diezengoff St. in Tel Aviv.
Younger, hipper designers are in the area around Gan Hahashmal in Tel Aviv.
If you want to go in the other direction to Haifa there are some dress shops along the road that goes from Horev to the Dan Hotels.
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