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Ripped jeans fashion trend is here

Remember when I wrote about the faded jeans trend in the beginning of summer and forsaw that ripped jeans are not far off? Well, faded and ripped jeans are here.

I’ve spotted the very first of the ripped jeans trend in Haifa.

Here are pictures of the anticipated ripped jeans at the Grand Kenyon mall.

I have to admit I am not thrilled at this fashion trend. I still have bad memories of this overused and abused trend from the 90’s.

Ripped Diesel Jeans 


Ripped Jeans at Emperium  

Lucci Fashion for Spring Summer 2010

Today I have for you a video of Lucci fashion for Spring Summer 2010. It seems like Lucci fashion is working by the fashion trends checklist for Spring Summer 2010 . They have everything that I have spotted for being hot for this season. Lucci have the Faded denim and the Summer floral dresses. They also have more trends I have spotted for Summer 2010, which are the stripes, the zippers and the corsets that I am working on posts about.

Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Floral Dresses

Florals are BIG this Spring 2010 and they are everywhere! Floral patters were the first signs of spring in shops way back in March and it looks like florals are going to stay with us until the end of this Summer 2010 season, at least.
To tell the truth I am not loving this Spring/Summer trend. When I first saw this these clothes I was hoping it would be around until other Spring and Summer fashions would  replace it. Looks like this is not the case and we are stuck with Spring and Summer florals all 2010 until Fall.
I really don’t know what I have about this floral dresses trend that turns me off. It seems like a bad dream from 1992. This is what I am talking about: http://www.life.com/image/80687346/in-gallery/34862/fashion-trends-of-the-90s .
With the faded denim trend and floral dresses it seems like it’s 1990’s revival this year. I am foreseeing plaid flannel for Fall/Winter 2011. Back to the present, I just hope Fanny packs stay in 1990’s.
Having said that, I did have some florals that I may want to wear again and if anything similar may appear, I may break down and buy it. Until now that has not been the case.
Here are what I think are some dresses and tops this floral fashion trend, for your viewing pleasure.

Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Washed Denim

Looks like washed denim is going to be big this summer of 2010! This summer trend seems to be showing up in so many places it is just unavoidable. If you are now already wearing washed denim, you will be wearing it this summer.
The washed denim looks I am seeing for summer 2010 is either in the natural light blue color that happens when denim is used and washed. This color is #2 for the most popular color for Summer 2010 in Fashion Trend Setters Pentone colors for summer 2010.
Here are some examples:

Summer 2010 trend washed denim Sack's store
Summer 2010 trend washed denim
Summer 2010 trend washed denim

Summer 2010 trend washed denim

Summer 2010 denim trend Zara window

Summer 2010 denim trend Zara window

This washed demin trend for this summer also comes in colored washed denim. This is an affect that looks like washed out denim has been dyed another color. Popular colors for this trend seem to be purple and turquoise.

Summer 2010 trend dyed washed denim from Sack's

Summer 2010 trend dyed washed denim from Sack's

Washed denim is most naturally paired with a loose white shirt, and will defiantly be seen with floral patterns, both of which we will alse be seeing a lot of this summer. Stay tuned for more about those.  
Another trend for this summer of 2010 that I see emerging but is not yet actually here is the cut and cut off jeans.  Or the Ripped jeans look as it’s called by Fashionising.
This trend is not really here yet, but I am seeing it trickle in from outside influences. If you have lived as long as me these trends for summer 2010 are probably giving you déjà vu. I know I had these dyed washed demin jeans in junior high, and them later the cut off jeans. It took some people so much time to stop wearing the jeans with the exposed knee or butt that I fear what will happen this time. I so want to post a link that Nirvana or Guns N’ Roses are coming here this summer. That would all fall together so nicely with this trend, but alas I cannot find anything about it yet. 
But alas Metallica are on their way to Israel, so we may be spotting some summertime leather jackets to go with this faded and ripped jeans trend.

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