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Sivan Levi Wedding Dresses

Here is a video of the Sivan Levi bridal collection for 2013 where you can see designs for wedding dresses in Israel. The bridal shop is based in Nesher, near Haifa and you can see views of the city in the video.

The designer, Sivan Levi, is only 25 and originally from Tiberias. The wedding dresses are hand-made in couture trim, mostly specially tailor made for each bride, as are many Israeli wedding dresses.

You can see more of Sivan Levy’s work on her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/studiosivanlevi

Shihar by Shira Tilles Marcus

I love the reds and oranges hot this summer. Here is a great outfit from Studio Shihar www.studioshihar.co.il by designer Shira Tilles Marcus. Shira’s past as a sculptress before becoming a fashion designer, is evident in her designs.

Israeli Fashion red and orange

Studio Shihar Israeli Fashion

You can get these clothes at the wonderful Shihar Shop in Pardes Hannah or through the Shihar Etsy Shop www.shihar.etsy.com.

Limor Yaron’s Passover Gifts

In the spirit of Passover gift giving, I have been keeping my eyes open for fun Israeli designs for the Holiday.

Today I am going to share with you some very cool Passover designs from Israeli designer Limor Yaron. Limor Yoron designs and creates clean, minimalistic and modern style consumer goods that make great gifts.

For Passover I am loving these Matza Holders and Ancient Egyptian motif coasters.

Limor has many other cool things that you can see on her site www.limoryaron.com.
You can order Limor’s items by contacting her by e-mail at limor_yaron@yahoo.com

Michal Negrin Fashion Gallery in Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv

Michal Negrin recently opened a new concept stop of her designs in Tel Aviv. This shop named the Michal Negrin Fashion Gallery is housed in a fantastic building dating from 19th century, in the new Neve Tzedek shopping area in Tel Aviv.  The styling of the new shop is in keeping with Michal Negrins newer designs, which are on display in the shop.

A visit to the Neve Tzedek is a great way to pass a fun few hours and the new shopping area including Michal Negrins new shop is quite an experience in itself, whether you buy anything or are just there to browse.

Michal Negrin Tel Aviv Fashion Gallery Neve Tzedek

Michal Negrin Tel Aviv Fashion Gallery Neve Tzedek


Michal negrin Fashion Gallery Tel Aviv

Michal negrin Fashion Gallery Tel Aviv

I mean, really, is this not the best in Israeli jewelry shopping? 

Israeli Etsy Find: Star of David Puzzle Ring

There is something very cool about puzzle rings and this one Star of David puzzle ring is super cool. The ring is by Israeli jewelry Etsy seller Dafna Dagan and is silver. The ring is actually 4 rings that come together to make the Star of David symbol.

Star of David Ring

You can buy the ring on Etsy here:  Dafna Dagan Star of David Puzzle Ring

To see other things Dafna Dagan has on sale you can visit her Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/dafnadagan

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