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Where can I get a formal dress for an event?

This is a question that I get all of the time so I decided to answer in here for all to see.

The best place to go for the biggest selection of formal or event dresses in Israel is Diezengoff St. in Tel Aviv.
Younger, hipper designers are in the area around Gan Hahashmal in Tel Aviv.
If you want to go in the other direction to Haifa there are some dress shops along the road that goes from Horev to the Dan Hotels.

Michal Negrin Fashion Gallery in Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv

Michal Negrin recently opened a new concept stop of her designs in Tel Aviv. This shop named the Michal Negrin Fashion Gallery is housed in a fantastic building dating from 19th century, in the new Neve Tzedek shopping area in Tel Aviv.  The styling of the new shop is in keeping with Michal Negrins newer designs, which are on display in the shop.

A visit to the Neve Tzedek is a great way to pass a fun few hours and the new shopping area including Michal Negrins new shop is quite an experience in itself, whether you buy anything or are just there to browse.

Michal Negrin Tel Aviv Fashion Gallery Neve Tzedek

Michal Negrin Tel Aviv Fashion Gallery Neve Tzedek


Michal negrin Fashion Gallery Tel Aviv

Michal negrin Fashion Gallery Tel Aviv

I mean, really, is this not the best in Israeli jewelry shopping? 

Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Floral Dresses

Florals are BIG this Spring 2010 and they are everywhere! Floral patters were the first signs of spring in shops way back in March and it looks like florals are going to stay with us until the end of this Summer 2010 season, at least.
To tell the truth I am not loving this Spring/Summer trend. When I first saw this these clothes I was hoping it would be around until other Spring and Summer fashions would  replace it. Looks like this is not the case and we are stuck with Spring and Summer florals all 2010 until Fall.
I really don’t know what I have about this floral dresses trend that turns me off. It seems like a bad dream from 1992. This is what I am talking about: http://www.life.com/image/80687346/in-gallery/34862/fashion-trends-of-the-90s .
With the faded denim trend and floral dresses it seems like it’s 1990’s revival this year. I am foreseeing plaid flannel for Fall/Winter 2011. Back to the present, I just hope Fanny packs stay in 1990’s.
Having said that, I did have some florals that I may want to wear again and if anything similar may appear, I may break down and buy it. Until now that has not been the case.
Here are what I think are some dresses and tops this floral fashion trend, for your viewing pleasure.

Fake Kimno Dress by FrauBlau

I love this super cool fake Kimono dress by FrauBlau. It is a regular dress with a Kimono illustration printed on it.

FrauBlau Tel Aviv Fake Kimono dress

FrauBlau Tel Aviv Fake Kimono dress

The dress is now on sale for 400 Shekels via the web site: http://shop.fraublau.com
FrauBlau shops are on HaHashmal St. 8 and Deizengof St. 236 in Tel aviv


Limor Galili Bags and Shoes

Limor Galili is an Israeli designer who designs and sells bags and shoes from her shop in Ramat Hasharon.
I first noticed Limor Galili because of a bag of hers I saw a friend carrying. The said bad was from Limor Galili’s pyramid collection like in the picture below (you can see more of them on the site). I also love the Plonter bag collection with the knotted strap that goes from one side to the other (also in the picture and in the site).

Limor Galili’s shoes are certainly distinct with the big rounded toe.  

limor galili shoes
limor galili shoes
limor galili bags

limor galili bags

Osishkin 28 Ramat Hasharon

Second Hand shops in Tel Aviv

Here’s a list of second hand shops in Tel Aviv. Some of these shops hold vintage things, others are almost new and othes are used and abused.
As with all 2nd hand shops, items change constantly, you can have a lucky day when you will find many treasures and next time find nothing.

Bograshov 53,
Second Hand Shop

Obsessia – for second hand
Geula 45, Carmel Market area
 Second Hand Shop Women’s clothing, Menswear     

Eshet Chail
Simtat Almony 1, Shenkin area
 Second Hand
 Baron shel Rachel (Rachel’s closet)
Emden 6, Basel area
 Second hand, Clothes 
 Book Junky
167 Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv
 Second hand Books and general
Biet Tepper
Tel Giborim 5, South TA
second hand, Clothes
 Machteret (Underground)
Simtat Almony 5, , Shenkin area
 Second hand, Clothes
Yad 2 Bekoma 2 (Second hand on the second floor)
Ben Yehuda 72, City Center Tel Aviv
Second hand, Women’s clothing, Menswear
 Loney Designs
22 Beit Eshel, Jaffa
Second hand, Jewelry, Clothes
Allenby 33, Caramel Market area
Second hand, Men’s clothes, Houseware, Furniture
Second Hand & Coffee Mughrabi
Allenby 33, Kerem Hateimanim
Second Hand

 New Vintage …
YL Peretz, 105, Rothschild area
Bags, accessories, Second hand, Clothes
 PS Books
Edelson 13, Tchrnhovsky area
Books, Second hand
 Nichoach Isha (Scent of woman )
138 Ibn Gabirol, Ibn Gabirol North
Second Hand
Ahimeir 17, Ramat Aviv
Second Hand

 Salon Berlin
Israel Najarah 15, Kerem Hateimanim
Second hand, Designers
Etz HaDaat (Tree of Knowledge)
Ben Yehuda 42, City Center Tel Aviv
Books, Second hand
 Palestina Eretz Israel
Olei Tzion 8, Jaffo
Gifts, Second hand
Kidmat Eden
Dizengoff 91,
 Books, Music, Second hand
 Koshka Vintage
42 Frishman,
Women’s clothing, Menswear, Second hand, Clothes
Shelcha Sheli (Yours is mine) – Jennifer Zantner
146 Ibn Gabirol, Ibn Gabirol North
Second Hand
Shtaim – (Two) clothing to pass on
Shenkin 38, Shenkin area  
Second Hand

42 Frishman Street, Central Tel Aviv
Second Hand, Children clothes, Babies things

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