Spring 2011 Light Blues and Baby Pinks

I didn’t even hear the whooshing sound of winter fly by here n Israel and already I am seeing first signs of Spring 2011 and it’s pink and pale blue.
trends Spring 2011No, I don’t mean the flowers in my garden, what I mean is that Spring 2011 fashions are emerging in shop windows. It seems like that with March almost here so are Spring 2011 fashion trends. 
It looks like pale washed denim is still around and will be paired with pinks and pastels – think 1988 Florida or Newport beach.  (I will try to find a photo for you.)  
Anyway, I would have preferred they wait for Summer for the paleness, since it looks much better on (unhealthy, I know) tan that on balmy post winter skin. Pale on pale is not the best combination. I think I would prefer a pinch of Salmon before the Baby pink.

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