Sigaliot Polymer Clay Jewelry and Decorations

For a while now I have loved these adorable Polymer Clay Jewelry and Decorations by the brand Sigaliot. They are always so rich in bright happy colors and cute designs that make me happy looking at them. So of course, as I often do, I Googled them and found their site.

Sagit is the polymer clay artist behind Sigaliot. As it turns out Sigaliot polymer jewelry is available on Etsy. Which is lucky for you people outside Israel who can also buy Sigaliot jewelry via Etsy.

In her profile Sagit says that she hand makes all of her products in her home studio in Karmiel.
I love this part of what Sagit writes in her Etsy Profile”  
“My art is my heart ♥
I hope you love and appreciate it too.”

 I do Sagit, I really do.

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