Magniv Hoilday T-shirts

If you want to be really “magniv” (awesome, cool) for Rosh Hashanah and the holidays you should go to the T-market event where “magniv” T-shirt and accessory designers sell their things and get yourself something nice for the Chag (holiday).

צלם: רובי ליבוביץ

צלם: רובי ליבוביץ

When and where:
Tel Aviv – Sept 18-20 (right before Rosh Hashana.
Barzilay club- 13 Harechev st.
Haifa – Oct. 2-3 (Succot)
Luna club – 5 El Pasha st.
Jerusalem – Oct. 5-6 (Succot)
Check T-market site for location update
Rehovot – Oct. 9-10 (Succot)
Science Park.
Sharon – Oct. 16-17
M-Haderech shopping center on the coastal road near Beit Yannai

Remember what I wrote in the previous post about wearing a white shirt for the Jewish holidays? Here are so Tee’s you can get from the T-market sellers.

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