Cool Purim Costumes

 As Purim is just a few days away it’s time to get busy getting that me’od cool costume together.
To make it easier for you I have made a list of costumes that I think will be fun for Purim 5771 (2011) in Israel.

I am turning comments on for this post, at least until Purim, so if you have any fun things to add, please do.

• Black Swan

• King George (The Kings Speech)

• Pregnant Starlet (anything Natalie Portman actually)

• Mark Zuckerberg

• Alice in Wonderland (any character)

• Beauty and the Geek (Especially Alex)

• Rohhhchel and Yokenet (Eretz Nehederet)

• Kim Kardashian

• Tal Friedman from the ECO commercial (grass head)

• Casi ֱngeles (Almost angels)

• Trinny and Susannah

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