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Ripped jeans fashion trend is here

Remember when I wrote about the faded jeans trend in the beginning of summer and forsaw that ripped jeans are not far off? Well, faded and ripped jeans are here.

I’ve spotted the very first of the ripped jeans trend in Haifa.

Here are pictures of the anticipated ripped jeans at the Grand Kenyon mall.

I have to admit I am not thrilled at this fashion trend. I still have bad memories of this overused and abused trend from the 90’s.

Ripped Diesel Jeans 


Ripped Jeans at Emperium  

Tel Aviv Open House Weekend

Tel Aviv Bauhous building

Tel Aviv Bauhous building

Batim Mibifnim (Houses from Within) are a great opportunity to see some of the most interesting buildings and houses in Tel Aviv. And there is certainly no shortage of interesting places to see in Tel Aviv.
The next Tel Aviv open house weekend is coming up and is planned for MAY 7-8, 2010.

During these events some of Tel Aviv’s most interesting and designed homes, buildings and offices are open to the public. Buildings with special architecture, designed and stylized spaces, interesting urban culture places that are usually closed to the public are open and historical buildings and museums can be visited for free.

Some of the places are open for visiting on your own while others are by pre-registered tours only. There are also building and city tours by some well know and knowledgeable architects, designers and historians.   

I have been to two of these events in Tel Aviv that were great fun and very inspiring. This is when I was inspired to write the post about Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv.

The open house event lasts for two days and even if you attend both days you cannot possibly see all there is to see. It is a good idea to plan your time and route according to the list on the site. Be prepared to stand in line, although organization is good and the lines usually progress quickly. And wear your walking shoes, because Tel Aviv is a walking city.

The website, especially the English one, is still being built and information is being added all the time.
Tel Aviv Open House Weekendtours page

Holon Design Museum scheduled to open January 31

Hulon design museum

Hulon design museum ribbon facade

The Design Museum in Holon named “Design Museum Holon” is scheduled to open on January 31, 2010.

Though I looked and looked, I was not able to find any information of what will be exhibited in the meseum other than it  “will serve as a leading hub for innovation in the field of design”.  (

Still, I am anticipating the opening of the design museum. The design of the Holon design museum building is a work of art in itself. It was designed by Israeli and internationally renowned architect Ron Arad, with a ribbon façade in reds and orange tones.

You can see an interesting gallery of pictures and video of the construction of the building here: Holon Design Museum construction

More information, though not much at the moment, can be found in the museum web site:

Osnat Alon’s cute plastic map things

If you have been to Tel Aviv’s fun gadget and tchotchke shops (a subject well worthy of a post of its own) you probably noticed Israeli designer, Osnat Alon’s cute plastic map items. I got the bathtub plug and sailboat as a present a while ago. The idea is so fun and witty, I am completely enamored by it.
Osnat Alon's designs
Osnat Alon’s designs
You can find Osnat Alon’s things in fun tchotchke shops around the country or here  and here.

Not such Ugly Jewelry

Ugly Jewelry is a funky, trendy little jewelry shop on Ha’Carmel St. #12 not far from Shuk HaCarmel (Carmel Market). You won’t be able to ignore this little Israeli Jewelry shop when you pass by because of the assortment of jewelry spread out around and on a bright red dresser.

Ugly Jewelry Israeli jewelry shop Tel Aviv

Ugly Jewelry Israeli jewelry shop Tel Aviv

Ugly Jewelry Israeli jewelry shop Tel Aviv

Ugly Jewelry Israeli jewelry shop Tel Aviv

The jewelry, not as it’s name implies, is quite nice and as you can probably guess it’s young and modern and trendy and lots of fun.
Israeli jewelry shop Tel Aviv

Israeli jewelry shop Tel Aviv

Oh yes, and if you’re not anywhere near Tel Aviv, Ugly Jewelry also sells on ETSY

Rimon (Pomegranate) inspired Israeli Jewelry

The Rimon (pomegranate) has been an important part of Jewish symbolism at least sing the first Jewish Temple (Beit Hamikdash) when  images of the fruit were woven on to the robe of the High Priest of the temple, the Cohen HaGadol (Exodus 28:33–34). Pomegranates also hung from the top of the pillars At the entrance to the temple and King Solomon used the design of the pomegranate’s “crown” as an inspiration for his own crown (1 Kings 7:13–22). Im Jewish tradition the pomegranate is a symbol for righteousness as it has 613 seads, the same number as the number of mitzvot. The pomegranate is one of the Seven Species of the land of Israel (wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, and dates) listed inm the book of Excudus.
By tradition the pomegranate is set on the Rosh Hashanah table and is eaten on the holiday.

The Rimon (pomegranate) shape is also popular in Israeli jewelry. It seems to be more popular in Israeli Judaica jewelry, and less so outside of Israel, maybe because it symbolizes the land of Israel as one of the from the 7 Species. Rimon jewelry comes in a variaty of styles and prices, here are some. The most expencive piece of pomegranate jewelry in this list is a kabbalah necklace with a little gold Rimon pendent inlayed with diamonds and has a capsule of pomegranate oil inside of it.


Magniv Hoilday T-shirts

If you want to be really “magniv” (awesome, cool) for Rosh Hashanah and the holidays you should go to the T-market event where “magniv” T-shirt and accessory designers sell their things and get yourself something nice for the Chag (holiday).

צלם: רובי ליבוביץ

צלם: רובי ליבוביץ

When and where:
Tel Aviv – Sept 18-20 (right before Rosh Hashana.
Barzilay club- 13 Harechev st.
Haifa – Oct. 2-3 (Succot)
Luna club – 5 El Pasha st.
Jerusalem – Oct. 5-6 (Succot)
Check T-market site for location update
Rehovot – Oct. 9-10 (Succot)
Science Park.
Sharon – Oct. 16-17
M-Haderech shopping center on the coastal road near Beit Yannai

Remember what I wrote in the previous post about wearing a white shirt for the Jewish holidays? Here are so Tee’s you can get from the T-market sellers.

The Jewish Holiday White Shirt

If you have been on Israel during the Jewish holidays you probably noticed that there is a custom of wearing white on holidays and memorial days in Israel. Around this time of year, at the beginning of September, Israeli clothing stores bring out their holiday collections of white and white and floral clothes. I think this custom goes back to the early days of the country when school children where required to wear button down white shirts to school on the eve of the holidays and on memorial days. If to look further back this could probably be traced back to the custom of wearing a white garment to synagogue on the high Jewish holidays. In any case white clothes in Israel are associated with purity and festivity.

It is always interesting to see how every Israeli clothing brand and clothing designer manage to incorperate clothes that match this custom into their style and brand.
Especially interesting is how the button down white shirt can be styled to fit the style of very different brands.

Here are some examples of the white shirt in different styles from classic to trendy.    

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