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Rimon (Pomegranate) inspired Israeli Jewelry

The Rimon (pomegranate) has been an important part of Jewish symbolism at least sing the first Jewish Temple (Beit Hamikdash) when  images of the fruit were woven on to the robe of the High Priest of the temple, the Cohen HaGadol (Exodus 28:33–34). Pomegranates also hung from the top of the pillars At the entrance to the temple and King Solomon used the design of the pomegranate’s “crown” as an inspiration for his own crown (1 Kings 7:13–22). Im Jewish tradition the pomegranate is a symbol for righteousness as it has 613 seads, the same number as the number of mitzvot. The pomegranate is one of the Seven Species of the land of Israel (wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, and dates) listed inm the book of Excudus.
By tradition the pomegranate is set on the Rosh Hashanah table and is eaten on the holiday.

The Rimon (pomegranate) shape is also popular in Israeli jewelry. It seems to be more popular in Israeli Judaica jewelry, and less so outside of Israel, maybe because it symbolizes the land of Israel as one of the from the 7 Species. Rimon jewelry comes in a variaty of styles and prices, here are some. The most expencive piece of pomegranate jewelry in this list is a kabbalah necklace with a little gold Rimon pendent inlayed with diamonds and has a capsule of pomegranate oil inside of it.


Magniv Hoilday T-shirts

If you want to be really “magniv” (awesome, cool) for Rosh Hashanah and the holidays you should go to the T-market event where “magniv” T-shirt and accessory designers sell their things and get yourself something nice for the Chag (holiday).

צלם: רובי ליבוביץ

צלם: רובי ליבוביץ

When and where:
Tel Aviv – Sept 18-20 (right before Rosh Hashana.
Barzilay club- 13 Harechev st.
Haifa – Oct. 2-3 (Succot)
Luna club – 5 El Pasha st.
Jerusalem – Oct. 5-6 (Succot)
Check T-market site for location update
Rehovot – Oct. 9-10 (Succot)
Science Park.
Sharon – Oct. 16-17
M-Haderech shopping center on the coastal road near Beit Yannai

Remember what I wrote in the previous post about wearing a white shirt for the Jewish holidays? Here are so Tee’s you can get from the T-market sellers.

Dorin Frankfurt Clothing

Dorin Frankfurt is an Israeli clothing designer known for good design, and her clothes are known for good quality.
What I love about Dorin Frankfurt’s clothes designs is that they are so beautifully structured with wonderful workmanship.
I have a very pretty plum colored evening dress by Dorin Frankfurt that I wore to my sisters wedding. Sadly I was not able to find a picture of that dress to show you. (I may have to post a picture of myself wearing it.)
Here are some Dorin Frankfurt clothes for you too see.

Israeli clothing designer Dorin FrankfurtI love this pink dress. I may have to find it and buy it for myself.
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt

Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt

Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
You can find Dorin Frankfurt clothes and shops in the following locations:

Tel-aviv shops
164 Dizengoff St. (also menswear)
Azrieli Center (also menswear)
178 Ben Yehuda St.
32 Shoken St. outlet shop
Ramat – Gan shops
Canion Ayalon, Shaar Hagan
Ramat – Hasharon shops
40 Sokolov St. – Building Ha’Piramida

Rishon – Lezion shops
Kenyon HazahavBen-Gurion center
Nes Ziona shops
Rehovot shops
Kenyon Rehovot
Raanana shops
Canion Renanim – at Galeriat Meazvim shop
Kefar Saba shops
Canion Arim
Petach-Tikva shops
Ha’Canion Ha’Gadol
Yahud shops
Kenyon Savionim
Jerusalem shops
36 Yaffo St.
Canion Malcha – at Galeriat Meazvim shop
Modiin shops
Azrieli Center Mall
Haifa shops
Grand Kenyon (also menswear)
Panorama Center
Kiriat Bialik shops
Ha’Kirion Galeriat Meazvim shop
Beer-Sheva shops
Kenyon Ha’Negev
Eilat shop
Royal Garden Hotel Boulevard

Michal Miller Handmade Shoes

Michal Miller מיכל מילר is a shoe designer who designs and makes handmade shoes. Her shoes are made in a small workshop Tel Aviv using the best leathers and material.
Here is a peek at some of Michal Miller’s shoe designs:

Michal Miller’s shoes are sold at Israeli shoe stores such as Razili, Story (Shenkin 60 Tel Aviv and Dizengoff 246, Tel Aviv), Imuma (Dizengoff 114, Tel Aviv), Precious (Frishman 63, Tel Aviv) and Pashmina (Hamelitz 4, Jerusalem)

I love these cute summer sandals:

The straps on these boots are so special and interesting.

Love the color of these:

See more of Michal Miller’s designs and her contact information at
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