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Sivan Levi Wedding Dresses

Here is a video of the Sivan Levi bridal collection for 2013 where you can see designs for wedding dresses in Israel. The bridal shop is based in Nesher, near Haifa and you can see views of the city in the video.

The designer, Sivan Levi, is only 25 and originally from Tiberias. The wedding dresses are hand-made in couture trim, mostly specially tailor made for each bride, as are many Israeli wedding dresses.

You can see more of Sivan Levy’s work on her facebook page

Shihar by Shira Tilles Marcus

I love the reds and oranges hot this summer. Here is a great outfit from Studio Shihar by designer Shira Tilles Marcus. Shira’s past as a sculptress before becoming a fashion designer, is evident in her designs.

Israeli Fashion red and orange

Studio Shihar Israeli Fashion

You can get these clothes at the wonderful Shihar Shop in Pardes Hannah or through the Shihar Etsy Shop

Video of Gan HaHashmal designers in Tel Aviv

 I just found this video about Israeli fashion and accessorily designers working and selling out of the Gan HaHashmal area of South Tel-Aviv, like FrauBlau that I have mentioned before.
This is a great area to visit if you are interested in new, up-and-coming designers, as this area has many interesting designer studio/shops. The shop is usually in front and the actual studio is in the back. I love these shops because since the studio is on site, the designer is usually there for you to meet.

Fake Kimno Dress by FrauBlau

I love this super cool fake Kimono dress by FrauBlau. It is a regular dress with a Kimono illustration printed on it.

FrauBlau Tel Aviv Fake Kimono dress

FrauBlau Tel Aviv Fake Kimono dress

The dress is now on sale for 400 Shekels via the web site:
FrauBlau shops are on HaHashmal St. 8 and Deizengof St. 236 in Tel aviv


Dorin Frankfurt Clothing

Dorin Frankfurt is an Israeli clothing designer known for good design, and her clothes are known for good quality.
What I love about Dorin Frankfurt’s clothes designs is that they are so beautifully structured with wonderful workmanship.
I have a very pretty plum colored evening dress by Dorin Frankfurt that I wore to my sisters wedding. Sadly I was not able to find a picture of that dress to show you. (I may have to post a picture of myself wearing it.)
Here are some Dorin Frankfurt clothes for you too see.

Israeli clothing designer Dorin FrankfurtI love this pink dress. I may have to find it and buy it for myself.
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt

Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt

Israeli clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt
You can find Dorin Frankfurt clothes and shops in the following locations:

Tel-aviv shops
164 Dizengoff St. (also menswear)
Azrieli Center (also menswear)
178 Ben Yehuda St.
32 Shoken St. outlet shop
Ramat – Gan shops
Canion Ayalon, Shaar Hagan
Ramat – Hasharon shops
40 Sokolov St. – Building Ha’Piramida

Rishon – Lezion shops
Kenyon HazahavBen-Gurion center
Nes Ziona shops
Rehovot shops
Kenyon Rehovot
Raanana shops
Canion Renanim – at Galeriat Meazvim shop
Kefar Saba shops
Canion Arim
Petach-Tikva shops
Ha’Canion Ha’Gadol
Yahud shops
Kenyon Savionim
Jerusalem shops
36 Yaffo St.
Canion Malcha – at Galeriat Meazvim shop
Modiin shops
Azrieli Center Mall
Haifa shops
Grand Kenyon (also menswear)
Panorama Center
Kiriat Bialik shops
Ha’Kirion Galeriat Meazvim shop
Beer-Sheva shops
Kenyon Ha’Negev
Eilat shop
Royal Garden Hotel Boulevard

Naama Betzallel – clothing designer

Naama Betzalel is a clothing designer whose designs are extremely feminine in style with a retro touch. Naama Betzallel’s main store on Deizengof street in Tel Aviv also has a bridal department on the top floor. Naama Betzallel’s brides dresses are unique and pretty in a feminine but special way, unlike most other bridal gowns you are probably used to seeing.

Naama Betzallel shops:
212 Deizengof street,Tel Aviv
40 Shenkin street,Tel Aviv

Efrata fashion studio boutique

Efrata is a fashion studio boutique on Even Gvirol in Tel Aviv. The designer behind the clothes is Efrat Zeitan, which according to her site studied in Israel and Japan.

The clothes are sophisticated and elegant but also comfortable.
Here are a few of the clothes I particularly liked from the Summer 2009 collection:

I love this color.

This is a cute summer work outfit.
It looks so light and comfortable yet sophisticated enough for work, well maybe not with the pants rolled up like that. Though I guess it’s okay in Tel Aviv.

Here is another lovely cool color and cut.

Here is one I don’t get. That belt is wrong, cutting the gather down the middle. I don’t know what it’s doing there.

Iben Gvirol 175, Tel Aviv

Ronen Chen: probably my favorite Israeli fashion designer

Ronen Chen is probably my favorite Israeli fashion designer. His clothes have clean lines but with a twist. Structured but not restricting. His designs are sophisticated and interesting but not trying to hard. My two favorite items by Ronen Chen that I love are a charcoal grey folded very open neck, foe wrap sweater. I wear it structured to work and off the shoulder when going out and a black sleeveless black dress. It comes down to the knee and gathers in the middle in a diamond shape. (Why can’t I find a picture of these clothes to show you?) The best thing about wearing Ronen Chen clothing is that all of clothes fit the Israeli climate so well. This is especially significant in the summer. I would not want to wear anything but a cool Ronen Chen dress in a hot and sticky Tel Aviv summers day.
You can shop at Ronen Chen shops in Israel in:
Tel Aviv – Shenkin 49
Tel Aviv – Disengoff 155
Hertzelia – arena Mall
Givataim Mall
Jerusalem – Malcha Mall
Jerusalem – Mamila Mall
Haifa/Krayot – Kiryon Mall
Raanana- Renanim Mall
Modiein – Modiein Mall
Rehovot – Wietzman 1
Overstock Shop: 5 Tel Giborim, Tel Aviv
Here are some more of his things I love from Summer 2009:

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