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Ben Yishai Shoes

I have been looking to buy a pair of boots, and the boots I am looking to buy are Ben Yishai boots.

In Israel Ben Yishai Shoes are best known for their comfort and quality. They are also known for their unique style, though it sometimes borders on odd. Also, Ben Yishai have a bigger size range than most shoe manufactures, especially for large size shoes. They are not known for being cheap.
Since I have started this blog, I have gotten many e-mails asking where one can buy Ben-Yishai shoes in Israel and outside of it. The fact is that Ben Yishai shoes are sought after but not that easy to find. Also, there does not seem to be an English sight for Ben Yishai shoes.
Ben Yishai shoes can usually be found in Gazith shoe shops and Be-Unique shops, but most are spread around, or hiding as it seems, in quality shoe shops all over Israel.

Here is a list of some of the shoe shops in Israel where you can find Ben Yishai shoes:  

Or Akiva – Gazit at Orot Mall 04-6361156  
Eilat  – Fabrice at the Big Center 08-6378145  
Ashdod – Lennon at Lev Mall 08-8645827  
Ashkelon – Ron at Kenyon Giron 08-673622
                 Julio 08-6729978
Beer Sheva  – Shop at Hillel Rambam 4 08-6237753
                       Steps at Government Complex 08-6655160  
Beit Shemesh – Amnon Shopping Center 16 02-9913461   
Givatayim – Be Unique at Weizman 14 03-5713724
Gan Shmuel – Gazit shoes 04-6248792  
Drorim – Drorim Mall  09-  
Hod Hasharon – Rinaldi Canyon Margaliot 09-7408510  
Herzliya –
Zavit – Ben Gurion 2 09-9546579  
Hadera – Gazith shoes Canyon Hadera 04-6334968  
Haifa – Julia at the Grand Canyon 04-8321886  
Tiberias  – Gaia at HaJordan 9 04-6721328  
Yokneam – Yofi Shel Naal 04-9890172
Ramay Yishai – Naalei Hakibuttzim   
Jerusalem – Koultti – Ben Yishai Jaffa 43 02-6240953
Kfar Saba – Gazit Arim Mall 09-7651051
Karmiel – Akevim City Square Mall
Mevaseret – Kaf Regel 02-5336416  
Nahariya – Musa Ga’aton 20 04-9922424
Tel Aviv – Aerosol Kikar Hamedina
                Be – Unique Shenkin 26 03-6203380
                Be – Unique Ibn Gabirol 179 03-5449 415
                Keter – Ben Yishai New Central Bus Station 03-6395038
                Stephens Dizengoff 128 03-5275 892       

Michal Negrin Fashion Gallery in Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv

Michal Negrin recently opened a new concept stop of her designs in Tel Aviv. This shop named the Michal Negrin Fashion Gallery is housed in a fantastic building dating from 19th century, in the new Neve Tzedek shopping area in Tel Aviv.  The styling of the new shop is in keeping with Michal Negrins newer designs, which are on display in the shop.

A visit to the Neve Tzedek is a great way to pass a fun few hours and the new shopping area including Michal Negrins new shop is quite an experience in itself, whether you buy anything or are just there to browse.

Michal Negrin Tel Aviv Fashion Gallery Neve Tzedek

Michal Negrin Tel Aviv Fashion Gallery Neve Tzedek


Michal negrin Fashion Gallery Tel Aviv

Michal negrin Fashion Gallery Tel Aviv

I mean, really, is this not the best in Israeli jewelry shopping? 

Lucci Fashion for Spring Summer 2010

Today I have for you a video of Lucci fashion for Spring Summer 2010. It seems like Lucci fashion is working by the fashion trends checklist for Spring Summer 2010 . They have everything that I have spotted for being hot for this season. Lucci have the Faded denim and the Summer floral dresses. They also have more trends I have spotted for Summer 2010, which are the stripes, the zippers and the corsets that I am working on posts about.

Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Floral Dresses

Florals are BIG this Spring 2010 and they are everywhere! Floral patters were the first signs of spring in shops way back in March and it looks like florals are going to stay with us until the end of this Summer 2010 season, at least.
To tell the truth I am not loving this Spring/Summer trend. When I first saw this these clothes I was hoping it would be around until other Spring and Summer fashions would  replace it. Looks like this is not the case and we are stuck with Spring and Summer florals all 2010 until Fall.
I really don’t know what I have about this floral dresses trend that turns me off. It seems like a bad dream from 1992. This is what I am talking about: .
With the faded denim trend and floral dresses it seems like it’s 1990’s revival this year. I am foreseeing plaid flannel for Fall/Winter 2011. Back to the present, I just hope Fanny packs stay in 1990’s.
Having said that, I did have some florals that I may want to wear again and if anything similar may appear, I may break down and buy it. Until now that has not been the case.
Here are what I think are some dresses and tops this floral fashion trend, for your viewing pleasure.

Fake Kimno Dress by FrauBlau

I love this super cool fake Kimono dress by FrauBlau. It is a regular dress with a Kimono illustration printed on it.

FrauBlau Tel Aviv Fake Kimono dress

FrauBlau Tel Aviv Fake Kimono dress

The dress is now on sale for 400 Shekels via the web site:
FrauBlau shops are on HaHashmal St. 8 and Deizengof St. 236 in Tel aviv


Nava Glazer Jewelry

Nava Glazer is an Israeli designer I didn’t know about until recently when I noticed her jewelry in several shops. Nava Glazer jewelry style is of clusters of chains of different types and colors some times combining materials like leather, metal chains and beads. Nava Glazer jewelry that I like most are her colorful combing chains of different colors.

Original pictures from and

Nava Glazer Israeli Jewelry designer

Nava Glazer Israeli Jewelry designer

Michal Negrin Visitor’s Center

Michal Nagrin, probably the best known Israeli jewelry designer today, has opened a visitors center in Bat Yam, near Tel Aviv. Michal Nagrin is best known for her vintage-inspired designs that include jewelry and now home décor and fashion.

What started as a small stall at Nachalat Binyamin crafts fair now includes theme shops in Japan, USA, Israel, South Africa, Mexico, Australia among other places.

Michal Negrin’s Visitor’s Center was opened in 2009 on the premises where Michal Negrin’s jewelry in made. The visitors center has the same atmosphere are the rest of her creations, and is supposed to bring you into Michal Negrin’s workd by engulfing you in her style.

From the Visitor’s Center page of Michal Negrin’s site: Thousands of sparkling lights in all colors and textures welcome the visitors to “Michal Negrin’s World”: illuminated doll houses of all sizes.

From Michal Nagrin visitors center website

From Michal Nagrin visitors center website

 See additional information on Michal Negrin’s site.

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