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Fake Kimno Dress by FrauBlau

I love this super cool fake Kimono dress by FrauBlau. It is a regular dress with a Kimono illustration printed on it.

FrauBlau Tel Aviv Fake Kimono dress

FrauBlau Tel Aviv Fake Kimono dress

The dress is now on sale for 400 Shekels via the web site:
FrauBlau shops are on HaHashmal St. 8 and Deizengof St. 236 in Tel aviv


Israeli finds on Etsy

I was a little surprised (in a good way) to find that there is a wonderful abundance of Israeli jewelry, crafts and art on Etsy, making it available worldwide.  
My pick of Israeli Etsy finds for the day are Mars designs amazing Milifeuri pendant, Neta Amir‘s handmade shoes that look so cute and comfy, Orit dot and dolls handmade doll, Yali Paz face broche, Don Moti’s  pomegranate necklace, and you already know how much I love Pomegranate inspired jewelry, and Spring colors amazing beaded necklace.

Aren’t they all so lovely?

A look at Summer 2009 Dresses

For a while now I’ve been planning to buy some summer clothes. Since the hot thing this year seems to be summer dresses. Since I don’t really have a reasonable summer dress (I’ve been a pants girls for the last few years), I decided that this would be a good time to get a summer dress.
At first I thought I would get to Tel Aviv on Friday, but that has been postponed, so off I went to Kiryon Mall. Now if you have not been to the Kiryon Mall the most important thing I can tell you about it is that it is way to big and very confusing to find your way around, but it has very many clothes stores and shoe stores and more accessories than you could ever imagine.
To make a long story short after browsing many shops and trying on very many dresses in every style imaginable, I decided to get a skirt and top which is not at all like what I thought I was looking for but looked best on me.

Since dresses are so hot this season and are really everywhere lets have ourselves a looksee of the dresses for Summer 2009.
Here is a selection of some of the styles I saw in the stores:

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