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Michal Negrin Fashion Gallery in Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv

Michal Negrin recently opened a new concept stop of her designs in Tel Aviv. This shop named the Michal Negrin Fashion Gallery is housed in a fantastic building dating from 19th century, in the new Neve Tzedek shopping area in Tel Aviv.  The styling of the new shop is in keeping with Michal Negrins newer designs, which are on display in the shop.

A visit to the Neve Tzedek is a great way to pass a fun few hours and the new shopping area including Michal Negrins new shop is quite an experience in itself, whether you buy anything or are just there to browse.

Michal Negrin Tel Aviv Fashion Gallery Neve Tzedek

Michal Negrin Tel Aviv Fashion Gallery Neve Tzedek


Michal negrin Fashion Gallery Tel Aviv

Michal negrin Fashion Gallery Tel Aviv

I mean, really, is this not the best in Israeli jewelry shopping? 

Lizdesign Jewelry

Hi friends today I bring you some jewelry from an Israeli jewelry designer called  Lizdesign. Lizdesign jewelry is bold and usually includes silver paired with something else, like a strand of pearls, a leather strap, crystals and positive energy stones.

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Video of Gan HaHashmal designers in Tel Aviv

 I just found this video about Israeli fashion and accessorily designers working and selling out of the Gan HaHashmal area of South Tel-Aviv, like FrauBlau that I have mentioned before.
This is a great area to visit if you are interested in new, up-and-coming designers, as this area has many interesting designer studio/shops. The shop is usually in front and the actual studio is in the back. I love these shops because since the studio is on site, the designer is usually there for you to meet.

The Dreidal shop in Old City Caesarea

Since Hanukkah is nearly here I think this is a great time to post about Eran Grebler’s dreidal house in the Old City of Caesarea. The dreidal house is a shop and showroom displaying Eran’s ceramic dreidal and other works. Saying that I should mention that many of the dreidals in the shop are more tops than dreidals. Dradals have the נ,ג,ה,פ.ש Hebrew letters on then and many of the items in the shop do not. They are more enchanting spinning objects then dreidals, but there are also many actual dreidals there. The crativity of the dreidals in this shop are amazing. Actually most of the dreidals would be better describes as tops than are more dreidals, but all are special and inspiring. While many of the items in this shop do resemble tops and dreydals some actually take some time to figure out what you are looking at. I call there sci-fi dreidals as they look like models of the solar system. He also makes ceramic Hanukkah Menorahs (Hanukiot), chess sets, Seder plates and Mezzuzas. Anyway, Hanukkah is a great time to visit Caesarea, and if you do, you should defiantly drop in and visit this shop. And I cannot think of a better Hanukkah present.

Nava Glazer Jewelry

Nava Glazer is an Israeli designer I didn’t know about until recently when I noticed her jewelry in several shops. Nava Glazer jewelry style is of clusters of chains of different types and colors some times combining materials like leather, metal chains and beads. Nava Glazer jewelry that I like most are her colorful combing chains of different colors.

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Nava Glazer Israeli Jewelry designer

Nava Glazer Israeli Jewelry designer

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