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Dale Chihuly at the Litvak Gallery

The Litvak gallery at Berkivitch 4 in Tel Aviv (Migdal Hamuseon) has yet another breathtaking Glass art exhibition. This time it is an exhibition of the creations of Dale Chihuly which is scheduled to run until the end of April 2011.
Dale Chihuly is known for his colorful, fluid glass forms and breathtaking large-scale glass creations.
Dale Chihuly’s  works can be found in many museums throughout the world, as well as in important private collections. 
Chihuly exhibited in Israel back in 2000 with “Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000” at David’s Tower in Jerusalem.  The exhibition lasted a year and was probably the most spectacular ever seen in Israel.
This time, the exhibit at the Litvak in Tel Aviv is also one of the most extravagant and spectacular scenes to be displayed in Israel. 
In great progression from the last time I wrote about the Litvak Gallery, the gallery now has an English web site: In the site you can see pictures of the works in the exhibit and a very interesting article about  Dale Chihuly and his relationship with Israel.

Liora Kanterewict couches (or not) at Ramat Aviv Mall

Ok so I don’t know if these cool creations by Israeli artist Liora Kanterewict are supposed to be seats and couches or objects of art to just look at. But I do know that I love them.  
There objects, whatever they are meant to be, are on display at Ramat Aviv mall were created by Israeli artist Liora Kanterewict who is know for modern somewhat fantasy pieces. Liora Kanterewict has a studio in Tel Aviv where she displays her work of paintings and sculptures. Liora Kanterewict sculptures of I likes were mainly of two different style. The first is of fantasy like creatures and the second is of big blob shapes of glitter specks. To see some of Liora Kanterewicts works you should at least have a virtual visit to her site: or better visit her studio on Rabeinu Hananel st. in Tel Aviv.

Glass Art Exhibition at the Litvak Gallery in Tel Aviv

To read about Dale Chihuly at the Litvak Gallery click link.

The Litvak gallery at Berkivitch 24 in Tel Aviv (not far from the Tel Aviv art museum) is having a Glass art exhibition. Showing in the Glass art exhibition are 23 international glass artists  such as Alex Arbel, Lucio Bubacco ,  Howard BenTré, Peter Bremers , Steffen Dam, Zora Palova, Davide Salvadore, Jaromir Rybak   and many others.

LitvakGalleryThough I have not found information in English you can browse through the Hebrew site at

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