Stylistit is an Israeli Hebrew word for someone of style. And there is a lot of style to be found in Israel. Israel is full of many different styles and personalities and colors and identities. I guess it comes from all of the people from all corners of the globe coming together and bringing there style with them. The classic Europeans with MiddleEasters/SubAsians together with French-North African. All this is a backdrop of Jewish influences. Also there is the mix of the traditional with the new and innovative and a lot of creativity. So, there is a lot to look at and enjoy in Israeli style.

I’ve always adored beautiful things. I love looking at jewelry, accessories, tchotzkes, decoration, fashion and objets d’art. Israel is full of design and of wonderful artists, silver and goldsmiths and crafts people who make beautiful and imaginative creations.

Stylistit  is a place of me to showcase Israeli design and style I so love and admire.